3 Tips for getting back to work after major surgery

October 1, 2017

 So,  as most of you know, I just went back to work after being cut in half, to remove a very large tumour from my kidney. No, I am not ready to go back to work. No, I don't WANT to go back to work. and yes, of course I am still in a lot of pain. Can't reach up to put glasses away. Can't lift anything. And I mean nothing. I feel totally useless!!


But the rent still has to be paid, since I was not born independently wealthy.HA!


Here are my top three tips to surviving the first day back to work.

1. Remember your pain meds!!! It's a hell of a lot easier to deal with feeling completely useless when you are stoned!! hehehe

2. Remember to breathe!! Every time you want to cry, breathe deeply instead. It works.

3. You won't remember most of it anyway!! Anesthetic Brain!!!!


Here is a video to explain the symptoms of KIDNEY CANCER...early detection is key! Don't ignore your symptoms!









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