Lice, Every Mom's Nightmare

March 16, 2019


You're watching your son/daughter do their homework and you notice them irritably scratching their heads, oh no you groan on the inside, very loudly, walking over to check their heads, once AGAIN..


You just went through this a month ago!! How can they be back?? Now you'll have to wash ALL the linens, and ALL the towels and ALL their coats, scarves blah, blah, blah. And you'll have to buy more pesticides!!


Why is this always happening, and why do they keep coming back??? If only they were as cute and beautiful as a butterfly!



They keep coming back because the lice are building a resistance to the pesticide they call for us to use. NIX. It just doesn't work. Like a super bug, they become accustomed to it. There is only one way to make sure they NEVER come back. 


That's pure, 100% Tea Tree Oil, or Melaleuca.


The leaves of the Melaleuca Tree have been used by the Aboriginals in Australia for centuries. They would crush the leaves and inhale the aroma to help with breathing and apply the leaves directly to wounds to aid in healing.


Also supports healing with acne, allergies, athlete's foot, bacterial infections, bronchitis, candida, earaches, hives, pink eye, tonsillitis, nail infections, dermatitis and eczema. 


The reason why it's so effective for use on lice is because of the active ingredient called anti-cholinesterase which melaleuca contains. On its own it is a powerful deterrent for lice. They detest the smell of it. Combine the oil with an application of Diatomaceous earth and wa-la...lice be gone forever. Keep them from coming back with a regular dose of tea tree oil added to your shampoo. Add two drops of oil to every shampoo. 


Diatomaceous earth is made of the time fossilized remains of diatoms, which are single celled plants. The diatoms are ground and made into a very fine powder and when they have contact with an insect, will such the fats from exoskeleton of the insect making it so the cannot keep its own fluids within itself. Diatomaceous Earth simply sucks the body fluids from it and dries them to death.  It is non-toxic to humans as long as it is 100% Diatomaceous Earth, preferably food grade. Do not use powdered quartz which is found in filter grade diatomaceous earth. Be careful not to inhale when treating lice, because it can be irritating for the lungs. 


*Directions for applying DE to your Childs scalp. 

1. place an old t-shirt upside down over your child's head so the collar forms a seal around the scalp.

2. apply DE to your child's hair, while being careful to keep the dust inside of the t-shirt "bag"

3. tie off the open end of the t-shirt and massage the DE into your child's scalp

4. allow it to sit overnight, then shampoo it out the next day.

5. this should be followed by a through combing with an extra fine comb. Please reapply every couple of days for a two week period. 



This is a non toxic option for killing lice rather than the chemical pesticides that they want us to put on our children scalps!! (over and over) that don't even kill the lice anymore because they have become immune to it!! The DE acts like little tiny razor blades to the insects,  cutting up their insides and killing them. Also great for fleas!




Than use tea tree oil in your family's shampoo, two drops per shampoo and keep the lice away for good! Lice HATE tea tree oil!!


Best of Luck to all of you who are fighting the good fight against lice in our schools...





To shop for your own Diatomaceous Earth click here  This is an Amazon Link.

To shop for your own 100% pure, no fillers, no additives, no chemicals, Melaleuca Oil click here to join and receive 25% off.

Alternatively shop at Marsha's Wellness Centre on Brittain Boulevard to buy Doterra's Brand of Pure Oils.



*These directions and information came from the website




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