Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

December 17, 2018


Hello Friends of SeeTheTruthInYou!

It has been a fascinating year for me with all kinds of learning curves and ups and downs! One thing is for sure and that’s my passion for alternative (traditional, ancient) health solutions!!!

Western medicine has screwed me!!! Time and time again!! What they have done to my body and mind is worse than anything that was ever initially wrong with me!!

But that’s ok!! You know why?? Because my illness and suffering has made me want to reach out to other fellow torture victims!! As a victorious leader over my own health struggles, I can help you or your loved ones! And if I can’t??? I’ll find someone who will! There is a huge network of health and healing agents on Vancouver Island. So give me a call, no matter what your diagnosis, you never know how the universe will conspire to help you...

This coming year will be my most exciting yet!! I am pairing up with The Power of Three in Port Alberni and using their wonderful healing space for my Creative Meditation Class and an 8 week series of yoga classes specially designed for those who suffer with chronic back pain. Click the link to check out The Power of Three Yoga Studio.


I am also pairing up with Permelia Parham who is an Emotion Code Certified Practitioner for a Chakra Healing Class. We will also be doing some Women's Empowerment Circles so watch for more info on that. If you are a woman who has experienced trauma in the past, you will want to get in on these Support Circles. Don't miss it.


This summer my travels will take me on a wander over to Hornsby, Gabriola and Lasquetti Islands selling my home made natural products at the market and taking in the beauty of the local area.


Follow my blog when I go to Florida to take instruction from Dr. Robert Morse at the International School of Detoxification this Spring where I will become a Certified Detox Specialist, able to guide even the worst of diagnoses through to healing! Read about Dr. Morse's Health Club here.

I am extremely proud to be involved with DoTERRA essential oils now!! These are purest organic oils on the planet and this company does a TON of good for the world. Read(or watch) about their Co-Impact Initiative here. They also pay their Wellness Advocates GENEROUSLY!!! Just in case you are looking for a way to make some extra money! Read about their compensation plan here. And give me a call, I will lead you with a strong Upline and support you through your business building venture. You won't be sorry, they have the best compensation package in the business. Try 20% of every new whole sale customers' first 60 days of buying!! WOW!! I Love DoTERRA!! (and four other bonuses and commissions)

Speaking of which, if you are one of the people who are thinking about signing up as a wholesale member to receive 25% off retail prices, December brings all new wholesale customers a free bottle of Frankinscence!!! That's a retail value of $93!! A gift from Doterra to say Happy Holidays! 


This is a favourite of mine and the health benefits are endless...Read about Frankincense here.


A Holiday Gift From Me!!

For anyone who signs up with their one year long membership, only $42 per year! I will gift you an introductory kit of Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon!!

Click here to grab your freebie!!! I will call you and set you up!!! Remember that upon renewal of every yearly membership you will receive a free bottle of Peppermint from Doterra, which pays for the membership!! No monthly minimums. No monthly fees. No tricks. Buy only what you want or need at WholeSale Membership Prices!! Shop here to browse all of Doterra's Products.

I so appreciate your support through my first year of business and I want to thank you by inviting you to my free Top Ten Essentials Class!!!


Sunday, January 13th from 2-4pm at Serious Coffee, Parksville.

Sunday February 3rd from 2-4pm at the Chamber of Commerce, Board Room, in Port Alberni.


Here you will learn how to detox your life!!! Get rid of house hold toxic cleaners, deodorizer, air fresheners etc. Learn how these daily zaps of seemingly harmless chemicals, add up to HUGE burdens on your immune system and your whole body and equal dis-ease of various degrees. Read more about the Top Ten Essentials Class here. Healthy Snacks and tea included. Please RSVP as there has been a huge response to this class and I might have to book an over flow class. Thanks!

If you are on my email list and have received this then I am offering you a FREE one on one health consultation for you to assess and decide the best options to improve your health!! This is a limited time, introductory offer for only the people I have met this year only and includes a ten point health questionnaire and options for dealing with your ailments, emotional or physical. If you would like to take advantage of this free offer, please click here to set an appointment with me! We can meet at your local coffee shop or your home.


As you know I offer detox programs through intermittent fasting but now I have even more tricks up my sleeve to help you lose that weight for good!! DoTERRA has a line of weight loss products that are not only organic but they HEAL your body too! We gotcha covered :)


I have been practicing the art of meditation for over 30 years and I would not have been able to survive my life without it. Therefore, I also offer private yoga and private meditation sessions. Click here if you are interested. If you are seriously stressed out and live your life full of fear and anxiety, I can help you. I will design a program customized for your needs and stress levels. I can also help you design a space of healing in your home. Invite healing and stress relief through design! All you need is one little corner, dedicated to just you.

Catch me on Facebook @seethetruthinyou and click on the like button! Help me spread the message of health and healing through traditional healing methods. 


Book an appointment with me in the privacy of your own home for a Hot Stone Massage, an Aroma-Touch Foot/Hand Massage or a Full Aroma-Touch Massage...full massage table, blankets and oils included. Watch a video about what an aroma-touch massage is here. Receive the healing power of an aromatic essential oil massage...call or email to book!


Fasting, Yoga, Meditation. Three legs of True Health. Ancient. Traditional. Alternative.

I want to wish you an incredibly wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year blessed with TRUE Health and vitality.


The truth is in you, you will find your way ❤️


To Your Best Health
Health & Wellness Consultant

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