Flu Season

October 31, 2018


Happy Halloween everyone..hope you have a safe and mystical day! I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I am always sick! Today, I have a sore throat, stuffy head and a slight fever. Every year, at this time, my immunities seem lowered and I fall victim to a week long head cold!




Is it the damp weather? Is it a slight depression because I know summer is over? Is it body memories, remembering the past? I don't know, but it's like clockwork...and don't say I bring it on myself because its only this time that I have been consciously thinking about it. I have missed countless Halloween parties because of illness. Or has someone put a witch's spell on me??? It's actually really weird. Does anyone else experience this? Send me an email cuz I'd love to hear about it!


So, as some of you may or may not know, I have been learning a lot about essential oils and I am absolutely fascinated with their power! If 10 lemons, squeezed into my water per day, has the power to clean my body over ten days, what can the OIL of a lemon do? That's some serious power. And not to be taken lightly! Don't fool around with hydro wires when all you know how to do is plug in your kettle! That's how much power is in these little bottles of oils.



I have had the great pleasure of enjoying and experimenting with my diffuser. This little machine send micro particles of the oils into your rooms, cleaning the air and being inhaled by you. The amazing thing is that whatever you inhale, same as a cigarette, crosses the blood/brain barrier directly into your bloodstream. Again. Serious power. 


So 4 or 5 drops of oregano oil, will help me to clear the mucus in my head and chest. Even better, the oil blend called Breathe Easy, made especially to help clear your air passages, has been diffusing into my air for the last two days. And it's really working!




It's a snot fest over here!! Many, many Kleenex tissues later, I am expelling the mucus that my body is using to usher the viral infection out of me. None so gently. Sneezing, and constant drip down my throat. Coughing, very intense! I have never experienced this kind of mucus release and can't help but think it must be the oils I'm diffusing. I'm not doing anything else differently. And don't forget, because of my compromised immune system, because of scoliosis, I am sick a lot. That's why I have such a passion for anything that can HELP my body when it's down. Advil, Sinutab, Tylenol Cold and Flu are great to help you get a good nights sleep or get through the day at work, but if you have the luxury of working from home, as I do now, I much prefer to let my body fight on its own with out any kind of symptom suppression, which really only makes things worse in the end.


I will keep trying different oils and let you know how it goes for therapeutic uses. I'm already in love with oils for massage and cooking, yummmm! But I am also well aware of the power of the oils when not diluted. Check out some recipes from my Doterra website here!



As the snot falls,

Yours in Health(&Sickness)




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