5 Benefits of Intermittent 16:8 Fasting

October 25, 2018



1. You are fasting, but you still get to EAT!

What is fasting? When you only drink liquids instead of eating solid foods. So with the 16:8 ratio, which means you fast for 16 hours, and then only eat in the last 8 hour period, you get the benefits of fasting without the starvation factor. What is the starvation factor? That moment when you are so hungry that you blow your whole diet and gorge yourself with whatever is easiest and quickest and right in front of you.

This is how I did it, from 8pm to to 1pm over ten days, I raw juiced and drank lemon water. From 1 pm to 8pm, I ate fruit and salads and one cooked meal. I did not eat meat, dairy, fish, seafood or anything other than vegetables and fruits. I have lots of great recipes, just check out my my other blogs. 


2. Your body is healing and repairing when not digesting.

By giving your body 16 hours of rest, without digestion, your body starts to kick into "cleaning mode" and starts to move waste out of the system and into the areas where it can be eliminated. Digestion takes up 70% of your daily energy, and because we eat so much crap in our SAD (Standard American Diet) diet, our bodies are overloaded with food and have never been given a chance to clean, heal and repair.


This is what your intestinal tract looks like without cleansing. Yes, that's what's keeping you overweight, unable to fight the common cold/flu, keeping you up at night because your body is so sick that it can't sleep and pretty much everything you can think of that is ailing a typical human right now in our western "civilized" society. When you intermittent fast, you help your body to clean that gunk out! Giving you health and vitality and energy once again!


I cleaned up my intestinal tract in 2010 and had mucoid plaque similar to whats in this video, pass also, but I didn't take a video! lol And I have never felt better than since I did that. No more depression! I was cured. And no more IBS. I remain symptom free as long as I eat a plant based diet.


If you would like to just see a picture of the mucoid plaque that is in most peoples digestive tract, instead of a video, just google "mucoid plaque, bowel cleanse" and you'll see lots!





3. You get to learn about the power of your mindset.

What is it that makes you tick? Think you don't have any will power? Most people have plenty of that, but hunger is a driving force to be reckoned with. It's our survival mechanism that drives you to eat. You have no choice. Your body thinks that its going to be fed 3X plus per day, so when the next source of food does not come, it drives you hard to eat. Especially when you've been eating three meals a day with snacks! When you engage in the 16:8 fasting/eating ratio, you train your body to start to go without food, so that it will start to clean and detox. Trust me, your body and health will thank you for it. And you start to gain control over your body and mind. Mind over matter really is just that. But take it slow! Discover how strong you REALLY are, once you understand WHY your body does what it does.



4. Helps you to lose weight and lose belly fat.

Intermittent fasting helps you to lose that belly fat, and quick! The whole "muffin top" will disappear in ten days! Why? because fasting promotes blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance. Insulin overreactions are what cause our bodies to store fat on the belly. every time you eat a bagel, yup, that's where it goes. Bagels are not natural to eat, they are made with GMO flours which our bodies cannot digest. Our bodies store all carbohydrate energy to the belly. When you cut out carbs, you cut out the belly fat. Simple.



5. You are effectively allowing your body time to remove toxic waste.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of intermittent fasting. Our bodies are inundated with toxins, food additives, pollution, and just too much processed food to handle. We, as humans, have adapted to fasting. We used to wander for days without food. And it was the best thing for our health because our bodies went into cleaning mode and would detox naturally, while searching for food. How can our bodies clean and heal when all of the body's resources are taxed on digestion? We have the most food in the world, more food than at any other time in human history and yet we are also the sickest nations in the world, plagued by autoimmune disorders, allergies and CANCER as an epidemic of vast proportion. Why is that? Too much food! Give your body a break and try an intermittent fast one day per week. Intermittent fasting is also the safest way to fast, especially for those with acute conditions or those on medications. It is gentle and can produce great detoxing effects without too much suffering, if any.


Check out Dr. Mercola and his opinion of fasting.


Take back your right to great health and try an intermittent fast today!

And if you would like to be coached through a true or intermittent fast, send me a line. I have over 30 years of detoxing and juicing experience. I can guide you through your fast  and support you on your journey to reclaim your right to experience great health and vitality. 


Yours in Blessings and Great Health,



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