My Post Surgery 10 Day Anniversary Detox

August 21, 2018

I have been very, very nervous about making videos..I don't know why and there's no point over analyzing it. I am what I am. Introverted and shy, although I fight tooth and nail not to appear that way. But I am. I hope you enjoy the video. :)


One year later, I am still recovering from the effects of major surgery, that being an  open partial nephrectomy. My scar is approximately 12 inches long, I haven't measured it, I am guesstimating. My symptoms are as follows; fatigue, rings under my eyes, pain at incision site, pain inside my body (I am told this is nerve pain and is normal), weight gain because I haven't got the same energy to go for walks and such, serious cravings for sugar and carbs (wakes me up at night), a return of my IBS symptoms (no fun), swelling in my right ankle and the worst is the memory loss...I have to write EVERYTHING down and probably a myriad of other things that I just don't remember right


I weigh exactly 160 pounds and I am 5'8' tall.


Your kidneys are the filters of the blood that take out waste and toxins and send it to be made into urine. Your body is self regulating, self cleaning and self healing. If we are over loaded with toxins from our environment and the foods we eat then you can easily understand why we must do everything we can to help our body do its job. So I am helping my beloved meat suit!


Here is an excellent video from Loren Lockman explaining the benefit of fasting and why it works.


I tried to do this fast a few months ago. It made me sick. I was nauseous from day one. I talked to my doctor, who is super progressive (if you have a doctor that won't listen to you about eating healthy as a drug instead of pharmaceuticals then find another one!!) and she recommended that I wait one year. So here I am, EXACTLY one year later. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I feel that I have to push myself through my day to day chores. My IBS symptoms have returned because I have given into my cravings for sugar and carbs, obviously craving them for energy.


I read on one of the forums for the Kidney Cancer Association of Canada that the surgery I had is likened to getting hit by a truck and can take up to THREE years to recover fully. I don't want to wait 3 years to feel better so I am doing what I can to recover faster. I understand that I had to wait one year for my half kidney to recover from being cut in half. But I think a year is enough and my doctor agreed. But I still understand the toxic load that I am going to release on my kidneys so that's why I am going to eat lunch and dinner but it will ONLY be fruits and veggies. 


Here are the recipes for the drinks from the video.


"Green Drink"

1 cucumber

1 handful of kale

1 lemon

1 whole celery bunch

2 leaves of green cabbage


"Orange Drink"

1 pineapple, peeled

14 carrots

1 lemon



"Red Drink"

2 beets

1 cucumber

1 lemon



Beet juice has many, many benefits. Of course all juices do but this one if one of the big ones for cleaning up your digestive tract! You will find out quite quickly why once you drink it. That's why I said I would water it down so it's not quite so potent!

The green juice (kale or spinach) is packed full of antioxidants which is what we need to fight the free radical damage in our bodies. Without antioxidants we are losing a never ending battle with disease, symptoms such as IBS and fatigue, aging and wrinkles!!


There is no such thing as a vegetable that can hurt you so don't be afraid to mix your kale or other veggies with apples, pears and pineapple until you get accustomed to the taste!!




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