July 19, 2018

We all have to wait sometimes.. the thought occurs to me while I am waiting that maybe it’a meant to be. Maybe if I had been able to leave when I wanted that I would have been caught in a car crash, or someone would have ran a red light and t-boned me or maybe I would have missed a really important phone call from a family members ( oh wait, they never call me lol)


I am currently at time of this writing, WAITING for my cat to return. I have been packed since yesterday and I am on my way up north to Terrace but I cannot leave without my cat!!


I live my cat very much, she is a sleek little princess who I have become very attached to.. I think she knows or I wonder at least, if she saw that the truck is all packed and now is she staying away. She HATES car rides even though I give her toys to play with and pack a nice little bed for her. I feel bad making her come all this way with me but I can’t just leave her either.


I have heard stories in the past about people who could no longer wait for their cats. So they had to leave them behind. I’m sure she would survive till I got back. Cats do that. She has disappeared for three weeks at a time causing me to fret that the Eagles got her. But there she came, strolling through the neighbours garden and meowing at me as if she had never been gone. Sigh. 


I was so happy to see her alive and well that I started to cry. Big suck I am for this little independent survivor who just yesterday woke me up at 6 in the morning by walking all over my body. She likes to sleep on whatever is the highest part of my body.. she is so funny. 


So now my whole trip has been posstponed waiting for the arrival of this little cat. I am all packed. Last night I had to unpack to use my things like my brush and such. 


I am all packed again  and have been waiting for coming onto 5 hours since I wanted to catch an early ferry so as to get some miles behind me and make up for lost time yesterday. 


Maybe I am not meant to go back up there? Nah. More like I’m going to leave her behind because she obviously doesn’t want to go on a road trip. 

I think I’ll just ask the neighbours to feed her. How

Long should I wait for a cat that doesn’t want to come along??


If you have a story to share about waiting for your cat share it with me. I’d love to hear about it. Email your story to seethetruthinyou@gmail.com

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