3 Ways to Deal With Pain in the Morning

July 7, 2018


Someone asked me what I do to cope with Chronic Pain. Everyday I wake up in pain....pain from my scoliosis...its chronic and I am accustomed to it...but there are these three things I do to improve the pain so that I can tackle the rest of my day...



At least half an hour of deep stretching helps to open up the joints in my spine, keep them moving and not becoming "frozen" because I don't want to hurt...Sun Salutations with gratitude mantras helps me so much. Understanding that the mind-body connection to pain is very real, not that it's "all in your head" but how your mind deals with pain gives us our actual experience of the pain. Negative thinking and stress cause our body to tighten up making the pain worse. Positive thinking and yoga make us breathe deep, become mindful and relax, which helps us in our experience of the pain. An excellent article on pain in yoga can be read right here.


#2 Gratitude Shower

In my hot shower I go over the things that I am grateful for, including my body. Although my meat suit has never been blessed with great health, I am still thankful that I can still walk, and do Yoga. 



#3 Heating Pad

A gift from a friend when I first got to British Columbia, has been absolutely indispensable for pain. It just comforts those tight spots even after stretching them in my asanas. I use the heating pad every where that I am sitting, at the computer, at my desk, while watching a movie. You can buy one at Shoppers Drug Mart and they are not expensive. With three settings, hot for when I am wearing more clothes and not so hot for the those warm days. It's perfect and keeps away those awful muscle spasms.


I am available for private yoga sessions for chronic pain. Yoga has made an incredible difference in my chronic pain, even migraine headaches! Send me a message if you would like to try this in the privacy of your own home.






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