3 Things to Help You Quit Smoking

June 24, 2018



I've been trying to quit smoking all my life. Didn't care when I was 14, obviously. But after I had my first child (and during pregnancy) I quit smoking. And then again. And again. And again. And again. The longest I quit was 5 years. You know what gets me every time? My inability to relax when I am pissed off. lol...yes its true. 


When I get pissed off, you probably 98% of the time would never know that I am even upset. I hide it so well. Sometimes its a little more tangible, and you might see me shake. But that takes ALOT. Very rarely happens. But it does. In those times, well, I need a smoke. I was so well trained as a kid to keep my feelings inside, and when I discovered smoking it was like a huge release! I could go for a walk and have a smoke. It was like this little, ok fuck you...this is what I'm going to do, since I can't do anything else. 


Of course, as a teenager, I didn't understand the long term consequences of smoking, because daily life was such a battle anyway, who cared about when I turned 21? or 50???


So now here I am, the Smokin Yogi, with such a deep spiritual practice and all grown up, I think. haha


I should quit smoking, I tell myself. Why? because you are a yogi, and you love health food, and you love helping other people get healthy, and strong, and you don't want anyone else to smoke! And I don't want the universe to think I am ungrateful for my health, and put some kind of a jinx on myself. And then there's the other side of it...ya but you deserve to relax Marsha...it's your only vice, you don't do anything else wrong. You are a law abiding citizen who has never taken or stolen anything that wasn't mine, you've worked hard all your life...I just want a god dam cigarette!! 


Experts claim that it takes 28 days to change a psychological habit. I quit for 5 years and picked it back up as if I had never quit. Funny. Just like a monkey trying to learn new tricks..haha..over and over, I shall prevail. As of this writing, I am fighting on with a patch and a few slips here and there but have cut back significantly to about 3 cigarettes per day...not bad for an old monkey...


struggle on..and therefore I am pissed off. Not at myself of course, but just the situation.. So without further ado...here are the top three things to do when you are quitting smoking!! Picture me yelling through a horn at the top of a commercial like the Ricola Guy...haha


#1. Clean your CAR!! Get rid of the ashtray. Put some nice smelly things, something that won't make you gag and want a cigarette... make it smell Purdy....


#2  Plan your meals for a month and get your shopping list ready ahead of a time...this way you avoid those impulse moments of chips and chocolate because of your cravings. Buy all of your healthy veggie snacks and pack them into ziplock bags, so they are easy to grab when that EATING impulse attacks, you'll be ready and NO WEIGHT GAIN


#3. Get your mindset in alignment with your goals. Write your goals on your calendar. Pick a day to quit. Tell everyone that you are doing it so you will feel accountable, don't keep it a secret cuz it makes it to easy to sneak just one. Your meditation practice every morning with a mantra, I use "I am a non'smoker" over and over. If you don't know how to get your mindset in order, send me a message and I will send you some tips!!


Good Luck!!




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