There are so many lies out there about the food we eat...

June 23, 2018





Why is that? Do you know why? Do you wonder why? 


It all depends on whose getting the bottom line dollar. Think about it. Big companies and big Pharma do not CARE about you. They have a panel of elites who only care about their cheque book and they have to answer to them. Don't forget that these are the most powerful people/corporations in the world. Half the time they hide their dirty companies under names of "good" companies so that even if you search for them, you can't find them. The Food Babe is one of my favourite champions of fighting big companies who are poisoning us, lying to us and blaming other things for our sickness. 


We are supposedly the most advanced species on our planet but I don't see dogs, cats or monkeys doing to each other what humans do. All for the sake of the almighty dollar and a huge attachment to the comforts of luxury and self indulgence. 


If you are interested in more about this subject check out the Food Babe's book called The Food Babe Way. It is an awesome book by an awesome lady named Van Hari who uncovers the truth about all the lies that we are being told in regards to our food and how literally, millions of people are being made sick by these so-called Food Manufacturers. Part 1 of her book is called "THOSE TRICKY SONS OF..."...haha, love her. You can check her out at, also check her out on Facebook @FoodBabeArmy


She also has a new book coming out, which I am excited to get, called "Feeding You Lies" How to Unravel the Food Industry's Playbook and Reclaim Your Health".


Another place that I turn to for the truth on food is Dr. Mercola. I have been following him for some 20 years. He doesn't lie and tells the truth about almost any food you can think of. He tell you the benefits of say, for example, eating seafood and gets really specific if you want, on the dangers too. You can check him out at You can go to his website and click the search button to find out about any food you like (or don't like) haha


I come from the Low-Fat, margarine and counting calories era. Eat your grains, whole wheat and healthy fresh baked muffins. I grew up on white bread, margarine and sugar. Always more concerned about calories then nutrition. I did Jane Fonda's workout daily, and if I ate a chocolate bar, I did her workout twice in a day!! By the time I was 21 I was a very, very sick lady. You can read more about that in my About section.


Now I avoid any breads, any flours, my diet is plant based. I do consume meat and try my best to find non-tortured animal protein. Free Range and Organic whenever possible. I do not drink milk, eat yoghurt, cottage cheese or dairy products except for high quality cheeses, since they are fermented. I am not a purist and I will have a cheat day every ten days where I will allow myself potatoes with gravy. Cuz really, life sucks without poutine!! I do not drink any kinds of bottled juices, since they are just bleached, colourized sugar bombs. I avoid sugar of any kind. I do not buy sweeteners. I prefer to just live without the sweetness of anything. I love dark chocolate, organic and at least 73% cacao. I feel better now than I did when I was shit.

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