NEVER do these 3 things on a first date

June 18, 2018


So, I went on a date last night...thought it was going to be so golf and something to eat after...this date goes on the TOP 5 worst dates I've EVER's why



Never grab a woman's butt on the first date. Do you think that turns me on? Do you think you're being a "stud"? do you think you're "showing me what a real man is"???

What it does show is an absolute serious boundary in, you have none. It shows me that you have zero respect for women. It shows me that women are just objects to you, to play a motorcycle. It shows me that you have no clue about how a woman who HAS JUST MET YOU, might be afraid of what you would do if provoked. Since you have no objection to care how I feel, whilst you are "having fun", the very real fear of rape, is very real to me, therefore I feel obligated and almost afraid to object when ... this takes me to number two


Numero Deuce

NEVER kiss a woman and hold your body against hers, then grab her head and hold her face to yours while you "figure out if I am a good kisser"...yes, he actually said that....

A kiss is something special, shared between two people who BOTH are willing participants, forcing your tongue down my throat, grabbing my head and holding it there, grabbing my ass with the other hand while forcing your erection onto me??? OMG...cant even say..which leads me to number three


Number Three

Never force a woman to "give your erection a little squeeze" in the cave at the mini golf cuz you are so horny that you can't control yourself. Yup...he did that too...translation? I DON'T GIVE TWO FUCKS HOW YOU FEEL AND I AM JUST GOING TO USE YOU TO FEED MY HUGELY INFLATED EGO AND HAVE AN ORGASM AT YOUR EXPENSE! 


Yes. Really. What an asshole. What an utter fucking caveman. What an idiot, not even capable of intelligent conversation. That's what I get for going out with someone who messaged me on Facebook. He is a friend of my cousins. Then I saw that my cousin has over 1000 friends...too late for discretion. So guys? If you are reading this and you want to have a talk with the caveman then you would be on the right track. If you are reading this and you are saying to yourself, "huh? I thought chicks like that", get a clue.

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