5 Reasons Why I Meditate Daily

June 4, 2018

It's no joke, life is stressful at the best of times. How do I keep my sanity? Meditation. Everyday. No joke.


1. Becoming aware of your breath slows down the monkey brain. 

My brain is capable of sending me to the looney bin, and yes, I've been there a few times! Understanding deeply, that your thoughts are not your reality, unless you make it that way...is the key to staying sane. Meditation has brought me peace in times of chaos and love in times of hate and space in times of crushing solitude. If I miss even one day, I feel it for the next three and you can't "catch it up". Once you miss the opportunity to chat with your soul, it's gone. That's why a daily practice is so important. 

2. I am too sensitive.

Life seems to kick me in the ass a little harder than most. My skin is sensitive, my eyes are sensitive and mostly my heart. Meditation puts things into perspective. Remembering that this too shall pass. Taking time to understand the little things that are bothering you today, won't even be remembered tomorrow. Unless you are me. lol Spending time contemplating the cosmos helps to alleviate all the worry. 

3. It Relieves Physical Pain

I have scoliosis and therefore live with chronic pain. Meditation helps me to relax and ease into the pain, instead of trying to escape it. I don't take any pain medications and rely on meditation to soothe my aching back.

4. It Helps Me To Prioritize

I have about one hundred ideas running through my brain at any given time. Without meditation, I would get nothing done because I wouldn't know where to start. When I slow down my breathing, and just quiet my monkey brain, ideas come slowly and with ease. Okay, I'll start with this, and then I'll move onto that. It's amazing.

5. My Soul is Way Older Than Me

In silence you hear the wisdom and experience of your soul. She knows best but you gotta shut up and listen.


You can Meditate Anywhere!!


















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