My Love of Seafood~Top 3 Reasons to Consume

January 9, 2018

 If it wasn't for eating??? What would we live for???

If it wasn't for cooking??? What would I live for???


1.  Omega-3 Fats

Your body can't make Omega-3's, you must consume them, as I do regularly. This is the stuff your BRAIN needs to fight depression!!!


2. Quality Protein

Protein is the body's BUILDING BLOCKS for your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, blood and yes, your FACE. Eat cheap processed cuts of meat or cheese and your face will take the brunt! No McDonald's Cheeseburgers here folks!


3. Lowers Cholesterol and Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Poor diet causes high cholesterol. Clogged arteries lead to heart disease and heart attacks. Eat what Mother Nature gave us, in the purest, most natural form and She will never steer you wrong.



Haha, well we don't all like to cook, and yes there are lots of people who don't like seafood. I am NOT one of those people. Every place that I have ever travelled, I look for the best seafood. Here are a few samples of my travels and love for the creepy crawly things at the bottom of the sea.











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