Julia completed the 60 Day Program. After our consultation she decided to do the full fast, transitioning to a Paleo Lifestyle. She has experienced an AMAZING transformation!  

Last update with Julia shows she has maintained her weight loss by following the Paleo Plan. She has lost a total of 55 pounds and is holding steady at 150 lbs! What's most remarkable is the smile on her pretty face!

Think you can't do it? Don't have what it takes?

Essential PURE Oils (not synthetic) such as Grapefruit Oil can help give you the boost you need to complete a 30 Day De-tox!

Buy Cinnamon or Ginger Oil to suppress your appetite! You won't feel hungry while fasting! Watch the weight melt off you just like Julia!



Dian had acute symptoms of IBS and is now enjoying her life symptom free!

Read her personal testimonial here!

IBS Symptoms Gone! It felt so incredibly heart warming to guide Dian through her transformation knowing that she had been house bound for so long and now is free to come and go! After speaking with her extensively about her eating habits and her food sensitivities I put her on an intermittent fast for 30 days. Knowing her symptoms and designing her program to suit her tastes, her IBS triggers and her lifestyle;  I am very proud to say that our hard work was well worth the effort and she is COMPLETELY free of symptoms!


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